Management Team

Chairman’s Desk

Good Education is the foundation of Success in Life.
Welcome to Rahul Education Group!!!

Shree L. R. Tiwari, Chairman - Smt. K. L Tiwari Education Society

Secretary's Desk

Our goal is to encourage critical thinkers, responsible global citizens, and students who are prepared to achieve the highest standards, both in their subsequent education and throughout their careers

Shree Rahul L Tiwari, Secretary - Smt. K. L Tiwari Education Society

Joint Secretary's Desk

We support our philosophy through:

  • High standards of achievement
  • Developed, student
  • A comprehensive and varied curriculum
  • The development of independent learning skills and self-reflection?
  • Constructive feedback for learning

Smt. Krishna Tiwari, Jt. Secretary - Smt. K. L Tiwari Education Society

Principal Desk

The administration, faculty, and staff welcome you to Heppner RIS is a friendly, safe place that provides students with many opportunities to develop academically, socially, and morally. Our experienced staff is committed to working towards the common goal of delivering high quality teaching and learning programs. We are a Credit for Proficiency in the classroom school. We believe in common formative assessments that illustrate student growth and are linked to industry and state standards. The RIS District has given us the best resources and facilities to offer programs that are outcome based. We have a long standing tradition of providing great academic, sporting, and performing arts programs that supply a wide range of opportunities for student involvement.

Shree Brijesh Singh, Principal - Smt. K. L Tiwari Education Society

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